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Danella Realty, LLC

Sell for Top Dollar, Your Way

Selling a house is more than just getting the most money for it. It’s qualifying buyers, scheduling inspections, negotiating contracts. It’s knowing when you should list the home so you can close on your next home. It’s knowing how to navigate multiple offers to get more money in your pocket with less hassle.

We know-how. So you can focus on what matters.

Choose the Way Your Home Sells!

iBuyer Sale

Best of Both Worlds

This is the place between the iBuyer Sale and the Traditional Sale. You still want as close to Top Dollar as possible, but less hassle. With this sale, we funnel all attention into 2 days of showings. 7 days on the market but everyone goes on Saturday or Sunday. You have multiple buyers there simultaneously. That Monday, you choose the best of multiple offers.

72 Hour Sale

Fair Price, Your Terms

You want a fair price for your home, but a flexible closing date, no showings, and no fees. We connect you to local investors and iBuyers who are willing to give you a cash offer on your home. Don’t stress about cleaning, staging, showings, or loan issues. Just reach out and get your Instant Offer.

‘Traditional’ Sale

Your Top Dollar Process

We take the traditional sale process and turn it on its head. Instead of putting your home on the market and waiting for buyers, we’re actively promoting your home. We put it on the market at the beginning of the week and direct all the buyers' attention to a grand open house event at the end of the week. Higher offers, better terms.

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